Restaurant Cleaning and Disinfecting Services for Alabama

Add Jan Pro to your Five Star results!  The term “commercial cleaning” takes on a special meaning in the restaurant industry because it is so critical to the success of every restaurant.  The most innovative chef and the most tempting dishes can never replace how important the cleanliness is to the overall dining out experience.  That’s why Jan Pro offers these important benefits in its professional restaurant cleaning and disinfecting practices.

  • We begin with a better understanding of your restaurants cleaning and disinfecting service needs.  Because dining establishments are busy and varied environments, each can have different cleaning and disinfecting requirements.  At Jan Pro we understand this and the importance of communicating regularly and clearly with management and staff to ensure our restaurant kitchen and dining room cleaning and disinfecting services keep your business tidy and up to code.
  • No short order cooks allowed!  All Jan Pro franchise owners must go through an extensive initial five week training program that is the most comprehensive in our industry.  Before they ever touch your facility, they will thoroughly know how to clean and disinfect it.
  • Your reputation is at stake, and so is ours.  In addition to the routine high quality cleaning and disinfecting practices you can get from Jan Pro, our franchise owners are all owner operators in their own right, and this means they are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to add the small but important touches to your restaurant’s visual appearance.  Whether it’s a handprint on a counter, a cobweb by the door, a loose napkin on the floor, your Jan Pro franchise owner will take care of it, so you don’t have to.

Keep your facility disinfected with JAN-PRO Cleaning.

Call us at (205) 255-9048 in Birmingham, (256) 857-5105 in Huntsville, (251) 257-0644 in Mobile and South Alabama Beaches, (334) 232-5069 in Montgomery, or (205) 590-6925 in Tuscaloosa with any questions you have.  We are here to help!