Jan Pro Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services Guarantee

Every cleaning company “promises” great service, but only Jan Pro Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services goes beyond promises with a written guarantee!

The Jan Pro Guarantee: Jan Pro guarantees to complete all of its regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting commitments on time.  Jan Pro also guarantees to respond to, and promptly resolve, any specific service issues within one business day.  Should Jan Pro fail to meet either of these obligations, a complimentary cleaning and disinfecting call will be scheduled.

It’s little wonder that Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Jan Pro as one of the fastest growing franchises in the world for 3 years in a row! – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241670

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Jan Pro Commercial Cleaning Services Guarantee

Service Commitments

Our branded professional cleaning and disinfecting services make the difference.  Jan Pro’s guarantee is supported by three unique service commitments.

Jan Pro Signature Clean and Disinfect: Brands our commitment to consistent quality through better trained, better equipped and more stable franchise owners.

Jan Pro Tracker: Brands our commitment to continuous quality through regular physical on-site inspections, involving a 50-point checklist.

Jan Pro Clean and Disinfect Tech: Brands our commitment to the best technology – microfiber cloths, back pack HEPA-rated vacuums and hospital grade disinfectants.