Large School Floorwork – Case Study

Jan Pro strips and waxes over 300,000 square feet of floors

Jan Pro was recently contacted by a local school system in the Birmingham, AL area that needed the floors of several large schools stripped and waxed during the summer of 2011.  The school system did not have the manpower to complete the jobs on time with their in-house crews.  So they contracted with Jan Pro to handle their floorwork.

Jan Pro crews are highly trained and skilled in this type of work.  It is necessary to be thorough AND fast in order to deliver a high quality job at a reasonable cost.  All training is done in the Birmingham office.

The first step in the process was scheduling.  Jan Pro needed to know exactly when the school would be available with no foot traffic, for safety reasons.  Then Jan Pro mapped out the school, determined which rooms and floors would be done each day.  Jan Pro management delivered a timeline over a 6 week period for the approval of the School System.  Once approved, Jan Pro began the work.

In this case, school employees moved furniture out of classrooms, which also needed to be scheduled.  Further scheduling issues included ensuring the air conditioning system would stay on during the day and night to allow the floors to dry properly and quickly.

Jan Pro first strips the wax off of the floors, and details corners and edges to ensure all old dirt, grime and wax comes up.  The team finished many classrooms first, and then a separate team came behind them to begin waxing.  Jan Pro uses 6 coats of wax minimum in a school environment due to heavy foot traffic.

After all classrooms on a particular floor were completed, then the school employees moved furniture from the hallways to the classrooms, and hallways were then stripped and waxed.

After every day, the management quality control team would endure the job was completed perfectly.  Any missed or imperfections were immediately rectified.

School management also inspected with Jan Pro management on a regular basis in order to ensure proper communication and a job well done.

The final result was floors that looked new, were well protected for the year, and made the teachers and students proud to begin school in a clean environment.