Cleaning and Disinfecting Services for Large Schools, Daycares & Preschools

Their parents entrust you with their care.  Trust Jan Pro to professionally clean and disinfect the environment in which they learn!  The responsibility for caring for and educating young children is one of the most demanding professions.  From Daycare cleaning and disinfecting to cleaning and disinfecting high schools, Jan Pro understands properly cleaned and disinfected classrooms, bathrooms and other academic areas are important in keeping children safe at school.  While we can’t help out with what they learn, we can surely help out with the cleanliness of their learning environment.  Why?

  • We disinfect thoroughly.  Our hospital strength disinfectants provide a broad kill spectrum, creating a thorough school cleaning and disinfecting for an overall healthier environment.
  • We know restrooms.  We understand that a clean and disinfected classroom begins with a clean and sanitary restroom, so we disinfect all counters, stall walls, fixtures, fittings and push plates to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses to help maintain a clean and healthy school. Click here to see our revolutionary EnviroShield disinfecting system!
  • We know hard floors.  The right kind of floor maintenance program can make all the difference in creating safer and healthier learning environments.  At Jan Pro, we use state of the art technology and the best wax on the market to ensure clean, disinfected, and shiny floors, at a minimal cost to you.
  • We know Pre K – 12 cleaning and disinfecting.  Our school and education facility cleaning and disinfecting capabilities and experience span all types of Pre K – 12. Whatever the age of your students, Jan Pro has the tools and talent to clean up and disinfect the mess. We clean and disinfect classrooms, scrub gyms and disinfect nurses offices.
  • We speak OSHA.  We train our franchise owners in Exposure Control Plan and Compliance, Hazardous Communication Standard, Blood Borne Pathogen Standard, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Label Compliance Standard and Drug Testing Methods.
  • Read a Case Study on Large School Floorwork

Keep your facility disinfected with JAN-PRO Cleaning.