Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in Montgomery

JAN-PRO of Montgomery is the cleaning and disinfecting service that does what it promises, each and every time. From the first time we visit your building we will promise you that you will be delivered a professional proposal on time, within 48 hours of our first visit. Then, when we deliver your proposal, we will do so in person, not by email or on the phone. That cleaning and disinfecting proposal will include a highly detailed cleaning and disinfecting schedule that will lay out for you exactly what will be cleaned and disinfected every single night.

That cleaning and disinfecting schedule will be the checklist that the franchise owner who cleans and disinfects your building will use to ensure that your building is cleaned and disinfected according to standard. The cleaning and disinfecting schedule is the standard. There are no grey areas whatsoever.

JAN-PRO provides the following services: cleaning and disinfecting service, general and disinfecting cleaning, nightly cleaning and disinfecting, carpet cleaning, strip and wax, grout refinishing, window cleaning, deep cleaning and all other services that relate to commercial cleaning and disinfecting. We clean and disinfect medical facilities, general offices, auto dealerships, government agencies, municipalities, factories, retail, gyms and all other commercial facilities.

The commercial cleaning and disinfecting world is littered with companies that make bid promises and don’t deliver consistency. At JAN-PRO of Montgomery, you will be given a written guarantee that is our promise to you. The guarantee states that if we do not clean and disinfect according to that schedule, we will return within 24 hours and handle what we missed, and if we don’t, that clean will be FREE!

Montgomery is a vital market for JAN-PRO. It is the capital of our great state. The JAN-PRO owner in Montgomery is from Alabama and lives in Alabama. At JAN-PRO of Montgomery, you are guaranteed consistency from day one. Let us handle your cleaning and disinfecting needs so you can turn your attention to growing your business. Our cleaning and disinfecting service will take care of you like you are our only customer.

Call us at (334) 232-5069 or click here for an online quote.