Important COVID Information for Businesses

Protecting your office from COVID 19 and other harmful bacteria and viruses for the health and wellness of your employees and customers is critical. Check out these helpful links to help you navigate this difficult time safely.

Here is a link to the CDC website’s FAQ page regarding Coronavirus. It contains very helpful information.

This link to the CDC will give you phenomenal information for how businesses can navigate safely through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ever wonder why soap works so well at killing microbes? See this New York Times article that explains the science behind the power of soap.

It is vital that we protect our workspaces, employees and customers to keep everyone safe and healthy. We hope you find the information above useful as you plan for your business in the post-COVID shelter-in-place order. If you have any questions at all about how to clean and protect your office space, school, gym, medical office, or other workspace, just give us a call. We are here to help.

Alabama’s Premier Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Franchise is Proud to Expand its Reach to include Montgomery, AL!

Montgomery, AL – The #1 Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Franchise in the country is expanding its business to Montgomery on June 1, 2018!  JAN-PRO of Alabama has operated in Birmingham since 2005 and Huntsville since 2007.

Under the leadership of owner and franchise developer, Dominic Gentile, and President Amy Scalise, JAN-PRO of Alabama has experienced impressive growth over the past 13 years and now supports franchise owners that service 7.5 million square feet of commercial cleaning and disinfecting space every month. While JAN-PRO of Alabama has become a success by any measure, its greatest source of pride is how this business has been able to positively impact the lives of dozens of Unit Franchise Owners.

Dominic first explored opportunities to own his own business after working for 18 years in corporate America for companies including Duracell, Gillette, and Sara Lee. His work required extensive travel and demanding hours – leaving Dominic searching for an opportunity to create more stability for his family and a better work-life balance. That’s when Dominic came across the opportunity to own and develop a JAN-PRO commercial cleaning and disinfecting franchise in Alabama. Being an alum of University of Alabama and a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football player, Dominic was happy to return to Alabama and begin planting roots for his family.

For Dominic, owning a commercial cleaning and disinfecting business has been more fulfilling than he could have ever imagined. In addition to providing a much-needed service to local business owners,  JAN-PRO of Alabama is able to create opportunities for people looking to own and operate their own cleaning and disinfecting business. Often times, Dominic and Amy find themselves guiding and supporting first-time business owners, and they get to witness first-hand how JAN-PRO enables franchise owners to transform their lives. In many ways, they are able to help people start their own businesses and live the American Dream.

Entrepreneur Magazine has recently named JAN-PRO as the #1 Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Franchise for the last 10 years, and also a Top Franchise for Veterans, while USA Today has ranked JAN-PRO as a Top 50 Franchise for Minorities for 7 years running.

With JAN-PRO of Alabama’s recent expansion, Dominic and Amy are thrilled to offer more opportunities to franchise with JAN-PRO. With franchise plans starting as low as $1,000 down, prospective franchise owners can call the Montgomery office at (334) 232-5069 to learn more.

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